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The Classics – Homoeopathic Books to download

Resources for Homoeopaths

If you are a homoeopathic student or practitioner having a wide variety of references books is an important tool for your practice. Purchasing these books can be expensive, but now you can download many of the great classic books for free.

Authors include

The authors of these books include all the greats of homoeopathy, from the founder himself DR. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN  and others such as  DR. JAMES TYLER KENT,  DR. CLEMENS BOENNINGHAUSEN, DR. CYRUS MAXWELL BOGER, DR. ERNEST ALBERT FARRINGTON, DR. WILLIAM BOERICKE and DR. HENRY CLAY ALLEN.

Personal Favorites

Over the 30years I have been practicing homoeopathy, some of these texts I still constant refer back to when deciding on a remedy for a client. My personal favorites in this list for clinical prescribing would be Boericke Medica Media and reportary, Boericke The 12 tissue remedies, Allen’s Keynotes medica medica, Allen’s Medica media of the nosodes.

Potency debate

My favorite philosophy book is no other than Hahanmenn’s Organon 6th edition. It may be hard to read but it is a wealth of information for a homoeopath. The potency dilema in homoeopathy comes from an important event in history of Hahnemann’s Organon. This book was released many years have his death and also after the death of James Tyler Kent. Kent only had the 5th edition of the Organon. The main difference between the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon is that Hahnemann developed the 50 millesimal potency scale in the 6th, whereas the 5th only had the centesimal scale. Kent developed potensiation to higher and higher potencies in the centesimal scale. Hence today we have both scales of potencies but it would have been interesting if Kent had have access the 6th edition during his lifetime.

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