Tracey Lee Morley has 30 years experience as a qualified practitioner.  She describes herself as an eclectic practitioner, using the best of a range of therapies for her clients. Her consultations are patient focused with an emphasis on ascertaining the most effective individualised program for each client. She has treated a wide range of health complaints using natural therapies. This level of experience has given her thorough understanding of what types of therapeutic treatments work in particular health problems & issues.

Tracey originally working in Sydney eastern surburbs for 10 years and Port Macquarie & Byron bay for the past 20 years. She has taught the homoeopathic diploma at Nature Care College for 3 years and ran the first year of this course at the Adult Education in Port Macquarie in 1997. She has taught a wide range of general interest courses on alternative therapies throughout NSW, QLD and Tasmania. Tracey  qualified as a Naturopath, Herbalist, Homoeopath and Remedial therapist in 1987 from the NSW College of Natural Therapies (Sydney). Tracey also furthered her training studying homoeopathy in India with Dr Rajan Sankaran in 1992. She is an approved naturopathic provider with health funds and is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Katy Pickering Officer Manager and Trainee Naturopath. Katy in currently in the final stages of completing her naturopathic qualification. She has worked for Tracey for the past 13years as office manager.


Tracey Lee Morley


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