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Gai Henry reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star
We are very thankful that we found Tracey – 23 years ago – she has assisted us with many aspects of our family health – from our toddler dealing with croup – to assisting with weight loss right thru to supporting me on preparing for trekking 4 days up at the green gully track. We very much appreciate how Tracey has contributed to our families well being.

Tracey is always professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She is an expert in her field and has vast knowledge of complex health issues. I have always sought treatment for myself and my family through Tracey and recommended her to others and will continue to do so!

I have been struggling with my health for over a decade… I’ve seen lots of different doctors, specialists and alternative therapists… Tracey picked the cause of my troubles immediately and within 24 hours, following her advice, things started picking up quickly!

Tracey lee treats every person with upmost respect and kindness. Even better, over many years she has treated with perfection any issue I have ever taken myself or my children too. Thank you 🙂

Tracey, thanks for being such a professional and competent therapist. A wealth of knowledge in a broad range of therapies. Always professional and committed to ascertaining the best treatment and with great follow up.
Had my full trust for providing healthcare for many years.
Keep up the good work Tracey.

Karyn Pyle reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star
Tracey is always professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She is an expert in her field and has vast knowledge of complex health issues. I have always sought treatment for myself and my family through Tracey and recommended her to others and will continue to do so!

Tracey really knows her stuff! She has years of experience and is truly passionate about her work. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Sonia Fingleton reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star

Tracey is one of the most professional and ethical pracitioners in her field. Her depth of knowledge, experience and adherence to best practises and natural remedies is outstanding and deliver relief, radiance and good health to her patients from all walks of life for both men and women. I have benefited from her expertise in women’s health on numerous occasions as have my daughters and sister.

Tracey is spot on with her diagnosis. I have had treatment from her on several occasions and she has always been very intuitive and able to read what the problem is exactly.
I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers to health concerns. She is very professional and friendly, with a broad knowledge and deep understanding of the individuals health needs.

Karyn Cook reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star
Andrea Goodwin reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star
Christina Ballerina reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star
Kim Edwards reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley5 star
Jenn Atis reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley — 5 star December 16, 2016 ·

I visited Tracey yesterday after dissatisfaction with my previous 2 GP’s. What a completely different consult. I was listened to & was a part of the decision-making process for my own health! It will be while before I see results but I feel confident in Tracey’s expertise to get me well – thank you Tracey

Monica Bolton reviewed Naturopath Tracey Lee Morley — 5 star August 28, 2014


Google Review 2017

Craig d’Arcy
Tracey has introduced me to a natural way to better health. She has used her extensive knowledge in naturopathy to work out a personal plan tailored just for me. If you are looking for an ethical, experienced and highly professional practitioner – I couldn’t recommend Tracey highly enough.

Reviews from previous years

Weight Loss Pam Wright

Dear Tracey

I am writing to thank you for all your wonderful care and attention over the last 12 months.

I hope my story helps inspires other people to take part in your innovative wellness program!

Tracey helped me to look at my health care as a whole. Tracey was even able to pick up that if I continued my present lifestyle and my dependence on sugar I would potentially develop health problems. After following Tracey’s guidelines I have found I don’t crave sweets anymore. I can really appreciate my new healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived.

I knew I was carrying excess weight around the middle area of my body but had always been able to dress as to appear thinner. I was becoming increasingly frustrated trying to lose weight as I was eating less and less and still putting on more weight! This is where Tracey’s programe become so revolutionary to me as I was able to feel more satisfied and yet I managed to lose 8kgs of body fat and more importantly have keep it off for over 6 months now.

Not only have I lost a lot of weight but I feel more energetic and my whole quality of life has improved – I am now feeling positive about ageing gracefully.

I would urge anybody who is serious about creating wellbeing for themselves to try Tracey Lee Morley’s clinic and programs – they will give you a new lease on life.

Thanks again.

Kind regards

Pamela Wright

Psoriatic Arthritis Melanie Harris

In 2003 I was bothered by a persistent discomfort in my right second toe. After an x ray, bone scan and blood tests I was eventually diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I have never been a psoriasis sufferer so this was a complete surprise.

In the hands of Western medicine I was commenced on a course of anti-inflammatories (the type changed as different ones were removed from the market) and an immune mediators (Sulfasalazine). My Immunologist increased the drugs as more joints became affected: toes in both feet and the ankles. The drugs are toxic so regular tests were required to check liver function, but the symptoms continued to escalate, as did the dosages.

I reached the point where I sometimes had to kneel in the shower as the pain in my feet was so great I couldn’t stand; a couple of times I had to crawl to the toilet. I could not stand for long periods and when shopping I had to use the trolley to take some of the weight off my feet. At the age of 40 it looked like I was heading for a wheelchair.

In 2006 I heard of Tracey Morley and decided to give her a try. It’s a 1.5 hour trip to Port Macquarie but I was desperate. She sounded confident that her naturopathic treatment could help.

Tracey prescribed a dramatic change in diet with a range of natural medicines.  Alongside this treatment Tracey took an interest in my total well-being: how well I was grappling underlying emotional issues and dealing with stress.

The path to wellness took time, required determination and commitment but my belief that this was the right path for me did not waver.

Gradually (under the guidance of a sympathetic GP) my ‘hard’ drugs were reduced until on Christmas Day 2007, the immune-mediator a thing of the past, I took my last anti-inflammatory.

I have maintained the diet (well … I was being about 90% good), given focus to my inner spiritual health and I was walking about, working, choreographing dance routines and getting through my daily routines pain free. Through 2007 and 2008 I continued to see Tracey periodically with only occasional reminders of mild discomfort. I enjoyed 2 overseas trips, trudging about with a backpack, amazed at what I was capable of.

It’s now mid 2010 and the psoriatic arthritis is having a re-visit so after a year away I’m back under Tracey’s care. My symptoms are already abating after 6 weeks and I’m confident I will once again be zipping about freely soon.

There is no instant fix, but this treatment is thorough and focused on the cause not just the symptoms. So, I can tell the good tale that this works it won’t happen overnight (like good hair) but  it will happen!

Melanie Harris


Update 17.7.10 after 9weeks of restarting on Tracey’s treatment I am now 90% pain free again, and improving.