Books Recommendation by Tracey

Diet No More for the Yoyo dieters

Diet No More is a book I have recommended to many clients over the last 20years! It is one of the best programs for people who want to break out of the habit of yo-yo dieting.

In this age of information overload, many people trying to find the right diet for their health or weight issue feeling over whelmed and confused. They end up trying so many diets but nothing works for them. It is not the diet, it is there approach to how they eat. This book helps take the stress out of ‘dieting’ or trying to change your eating patterns.

I think the best part of this book is that it helps teach you how to become a ‘natural eater’.

What is a natural eater? Well that’s best explained by the story of how I discovered this book and online programe.

When I was working in Sydney, a collegue at the clinic I was working at, was learning how to become a practitioner in this system of eating (the program is called Nectar). We sat down to lunch one day and she had a friande cake, she offered half to me. I took one bite of my 1/2 friande and put the last piece down, as we kept talking. After a few mintues she looked at me with amazement saying, “aren’t you going to eat that?”

“No, I’m full” was my reply, I had just finished my lunch.

Her surprise at my inability to eat the last mouthful of a cake was utter shock “how can you do that? I have just been learning about natural eaters and how they can immediately stop eating when they have had enough. This is something I have never been able to do”.

She went on to explain to me how she had always struggled with her weight and didn’t have these natural eater skills, but how it can be learnt again.

If you struggle with weight issue or have attempted many ‘diets’ this may be a book/system that can help.

CLICK here for their website where you can purchase the book or their online Nectar program.